Oxford Textbook of Global Public Health 6th ed.

Oxford Textbook of Global Public Health 6th ed.



著者名:Edited by Roger Detels, Martin Gulliford, Quarraisha Abdool Karim and Chorh Chuan Tan







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VOLUME 1 The scope of public health
SECTION 1 The development of the discipline of public health
1: The scope and concerns of public health
2: The history and development of public health in developed countries
3: The history and development of public health in low- and middle-income countries
4: Development of public health in economic transition: the middle-income countries
5: Globalization
SECTION 2 Determinants of health and disease
1: Determinants of health: overview
2: Poverty, justice, and health
3: Socioeconomic inequalities in health in high-income countries: the facts and the options
4: Reducing health inequalities in developing countries
5: Genomics and public health

6: Water and sanitation
7: Food and nutrition
8: The environment and climate change
9: Behavioural determinants of health and disease
10: Access to healthcare and population health
SECTION 3 Public health policies, law, and ethics
1: Leadership in public health
2: Ethical principles and ethical issues in public health
3: The right to the highest attainable standard of health
4: Law and the public's health
5: Priority setting, social values, and public health
6: Health policy in developing countries
7: Public health policy in developed countries
8: International efforts to promote public health
VOLUME 2 The methods of public health
SECTION 4 Information systems and sources of intelligence
1: Information systems in support of public health in high-income countries
2: Information systems and community diagnosis in low- and middle-income countries
3: New communication technologies, social media, and public health
SECTION 5 Epidemiological and biostatistical approaches
1: Epidemiology: the foundation of public health
2: Ecological variables, ecological studies, and multilevel studies in public health research
3: Cross-sectional studies
4: Principles of outbreak investigation
5: Case-control studies
6: Cohort studies
7: Methodology of intervention trials in individuals
8: Methodological issues in the design and analysis of community intervention trials
9: Community intervention trials in high-income countries
10: Community-based intervention trials in low- and middle-income countries
11: Clinical epidemiology
12: Genetic epidemiology
13: Validity and bias in epidemiological research
14: Causation and causal inference
15: Systematic reviews and meta-analysis
16: Statistical methods
17: Measuring the health of populations: the Global Burden of Disease study methods
18: Mathematical models of transmission and control of infectious agents
19: Public health surveillance
20: Life course epidemiology and analysis
SECTION 6 Social science techniques
1: Sociology and psychology in public health
2: Sexuality and public health
3: Demography and public health
4: Health promotion, health education, and the public's health
5: Development and evaluation of complex multicomponent interventions in public health
6: Economic appraisal in public healthcare: assessing efficiency and equity
7: Behavioural economics and health
8: Governance and management of public health programmes
9: Implementation science and translational public health
SECTION 7 Environmental and occupational health sciences
1: Environmental health issues in public health
2: Radiation and public health
3: Environmental exposure assessment: modelling air pollution concentrations
4: Occupational health
5: Toxicology and risk assessment in the analysis and management of environmental risk
6: Risk perception and communication
VOLUME 3 The practice of public health
SECTION 8 Major health problems
1: Epidemiology and prevention of cardiovascular disease
2: Cancer epidemiology and public health
3: Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and asthma
4: Obesity
5: Physical activity and health
6: Diabetes mellitus
7: Public mental health and suicide
8: Dental public health
9: Musculoskeletal disorders
10: Neurological diseases, epidemiology, and public health
11: Infectious diseases and prions
12: Sexually transmitted infections
13: HIV/acquired immunodeficiency syndrome
14: Tuberculosis
15: Malaria
16: Chronic hepatitis and other liver disease
17: Emerging and re-emerging infections
18: Bioterrorism
SECTION 9 Prevention and control of public health hazards
1: Tobacco
2: Public health aspects of illicit psychoactive drug use
3: Alcohol
4: Injury prevention and control: the public health approach
5: Interpersonal violence: a recent public health mandate
6: Collective violence: war
7: Urban health in low- and middle-income countries
SECTION 10 Public health needs of population groups
1: The changing family
2: Women, men, and health
3: Child health
4: Adolescent health
5: Ethnicity, race, epidemiology, and public health
6: The health of indigenous peoples
7: People with disabilities
8: Health of older people
9: Forced migrants and other displaced populations
10: Prisons: from punishment to public health
SECTION 11 Public health functions
1: Health needs assessment
2: Prevention and control of non-communicable diseases
3: Principles of infectious disease control
4: Population screening and public health
5: Environmental health practice
6: Strategies and structures for public health intervention
7: Strategies for health services
8: Training of public health professionals in developing countries
9: Training of local health workers to meet public health needs
10: Emergency public health and humanitarian assistance in the twenty-first century
11: Principles of public health emergency response for acute environmental, chemical, and radiation incidents
12: Private support of public health
13: The future of international public health in an era of austerity